A Child In Need, Is A Child Who Pleads

Josh delves deep into the new Tory construct against children’s justice. There are trigger phrases probably coming up so here is your warning.


First off, what expletives are acceptable when talking about the new Tory system about child sexual assault victims? Honestly, please let me know, because I can think of many but they need to be checked by my editor.

So, recently, the Tories have been caught trying to shaft kids who are the victims of sexual assault, and for a change, they’re not losing important documents about paedophile rings in the House of Commons, or cosying up to the President. Instead, this time they’re not paying out in reparations to children as young as 12 who have been assaulted and groomed because, in their words, they “consented”.

Now, I don’t know about you, but in my opinion these self righteous, far from empathetic, wastes of human resources and flesh, that tell us 12 year olds are “asking for it”, can all take a shovel and speed up the devil’s process of gathering their souls.

You see there are a lot of thing that no matter what your political standing might be child rape should be far from a difficult issue to discuss, in terms of where you stand on it. If you’re in the camp of these Tories thinking these kids are all for a man of the age of 32 touching their genitalia without them fully understanding what’s going on, or the sexual/emotional/mental/all of the above maturity required to partake in such an act then, usually that coincides with a lack of humanity on your part.

You see, with this new strategy the Tories implement, it means that if it’s historic, a breach of trust even from a carer (parent, teacher, etc.), even in the case of the perpetrator being locked away CHILDREN are not allowed any form of compensation if they can be considered to have wanted to be part of it. I know several cases where certain things happen as an aggressive act, this is escaped, but then the grooming happens afterwards and according to the soulless members that reside within the Tory party that was, sing it with me, consented by the child.

Remember this, if you voted Tory recently, as you tuck your child in bed and your anxiety rises about what could happen to them; your vote sold them down the river. This is not a surprise as well, you knew that May lost important documents concerning a possible paedophile ring, it was all over the news. But no, anyone but Corbyn! I don’t like the way he dresses so I’ll destroy my child’s ability to have a sexual innocence forever. Also, if you are one of these people, and then think the lowering of the age of sexual education’s beginning in schools, or teen vogue talking about anal sex is monstrous, you need to grow up, and actually do something for once.

Not every child is as lucky as yours might be, or you were. Some children get a healthy, normal sexual awakening around the age of thirteen, then to follow up with a conversation in school, or with a parent, about how sex works, the things to be careful of, all that type of thing. No, some children get to learn through a horrific display, where a family friend comes into their room and locks the door at the dead of night. For some it’s at school, by an older pupil, or the TV Star who they’ll do anything to impress.. For some it’s from that crush they have, who doesn’t understand “NO”, or who has told them that something of a relationship could happen if they go along with it.

Stranger danger means nothing, kids have been taught that and they still get abused, why? Because they are more likely to be abused by someone they know. It’s not frequently a knife to the neck, and under pain of death they’ll do it, although that does happen.

No, these people are smart, they’re dangerous, they’re tactical. So, what do we do next? Here goes:

  • take your child’s name off the Baby On Board sticker
  • don’t dress them in things with their first name on
  • don’t ever make them embarrassed of talking about sex seriously
  • if they have a question, answer it.

I’m not writing jokes in this one, I’m not having a laugh on, this is serious and will continue to be serious because these monsters are no longer in the dark closet, or under the bed. They’re in our schools, they’re in our governments, they’re predators, and you want to know how to deal with something like that, knowledge. Not to sound corny but knowledge is power, and it’s more important than ever, it’s these sick monsters’ only weakness. It’s not the trans kids who are a danger to your kids (no matter what little toerags like this try to tell you), or the homeless guy on the street corner, it’s people who know they can get close and be trusted. In this case specifically, it’s the people who can make themselves invulnerable while they do it. There are people who have been through this and they will tell you that the way to keep children safe is for them to understand and be supported by their parents/carers and for those people to talk about these things properly.
So, go outside, talk to people, ask them what we should do. Contact childline and children’s services of your town/city/district to see what you can do there. Make sure that anyone in your building that you feel needs a DBS form has it filled out as recently as possible. Offer to host sex education lessons even in places of worship like churches, etc. because these things need to be discussed openly, no giggling, and in a way that children understand so that they can come forward and talk when and if they need it. Nowhere is off limits to these people if they’ve not been caught, so let’s put their weakness everywhere as well.

Author: charlestonmoses

Little bit of a game reviewer, a bit of a game designer, more so a student. Majority a massive nerd.

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